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    We bring ideas to life

  • What do we do?

    Our Services

    • Strategy - High-level corporate development strategy (business plans & pitch decks)


    • Growth - Revenue growth, partnerships, business plan execution


    • Business Consulting - We provide expert advice on Operations, Finance, Marketing, HR, Legal & Technology Administration, etc.


    • Startup Consulting - We provide external expertise and experience to entrepreneurs in the startup operations phase.
  • Portfolio Companies

    • VI Drones - Founded in 2023, VI Drones LLC leverages advanced drone technology for extensive roof assessments. Headquartered in Babcock Ranch, Florida, our firm offers unparalleled aerial inspection services tailored to residential and commercial roofing systems' unique needs.


    • PlateRate - An app that will help you order pickup/delivery/order in/ahead and rate individual menu items.


    • Shandoka - Shandoka is dedicated to offering electric motorcycles for every rider, creating at the speed of imagination, becoming one with the journey.


    • Solutions with Priya- Looking for business coaching or lifestyle mentorship? Contact Priya Ahluwalia.


    • Babcock Ranch Concierge - A platform that lists businesses in Babcock Ranch. It will allow users to search and find companies based on certain criteria, such as location, type of service, industry, or other attributes, and book those services or buy products directly through the platform. Launching in October 2023.


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    Mark your Calendars!

    MoAloo Ventures is bringing the second annual TechXpedition shark tank-style competition set at Babcock Ranch from Friday, April 26 to Sunday, April 28, 2024, at Babcock High School (43301 Cypress Pkwy, Punta Gorda, FL 33982).

    The 54-hour event will bring together entrepreneurs/innovators to pitch ideas and then form teams to further develop the ideas into a potential startup/company. With guidance from an impressive team of mentors and the opportunity to iterate their concepts at Babcock High School's state-of-the-art Make Tank, the teams will create product prototypes and develop comprehensive business plans under a tight deadline.

    The competition culminates with five-minute presentations to the judges. MoAloo Ventures (the brains behind TechXpedition) will award $10,000 worth of investments in pre-seed to help launch the winning idea into a successful business.

    Who's Eligible?
    This competition is open to innovators/entrepreneurs of all ages.

    How do I get involved?
    Registration for competitors will open in October at $35 to help cover the cost of the meals, which will be provided throughout the weekend. To sign up to receive notifications when the registration goes live - please register here.

    Sponsorships are also available. For more details about sponsorship levels and opportunities to serve as a mentor or judge, please get in touch with priya@moalooventures.com.

  • On Friday, January 12, 2024 – All BNS and BHS students are invited to take their first-semester achievements to another level at our first Youth TechXpedition. Sponsored by Babcock Ranch and MoAloo Ventures, the competition allows students to sharpen their presentation skills as they pitch projects they have done in class to a panel of judges.

    Please note – that the goal of the scholarship competition is to showcase the great work students are doing and recognize student innovators. MoAloo Ventures has committed to award scholarships of $2500, $1500, and $1000 for first, second, and third place.

    Who's Eligible?
    Students of all ages are welcome to participate and can compete individually or in teams.

    ​How do I get involved?
    Those who are interested should reach out to their teachers for more details. The deadline to sign up is November 30th.​

    For more details, please get in touch with priya@moalooventures.com.

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  • Venture World Updates

    Learn more about what's going on in the MoAloo Venture World

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    Entrepreneur brings ‘Shark Tank’-type competition back to Babcock Ranch

    The owner of venture capital firm Mo Aloo Ventures is bringing TechXpedition back to Babcock Ranch in April for the second year, and again will put up $10,000 seed money for the winning entrepreneur.

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    Exploring Life & Business with Priya Ahluwalia of MoAloo Ventures

    Nothing is ever too easy; we all have to work hard and be consistent. There will be challenges along our journey, but I have a life principle that – nothing is impossible, not all doors are closed, we need to keep trying until we get to the door that opens to a world of opportunities.

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    TechXpedition aims high with innovation

    The inaugural event over the April 14-16 weekend at the Babcock Ranch Field House saw business pitches from innovators aiming to create a new product in just 60 hours.

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    TechXpedition Babcock Ranch Startup Challenge

    This April, budding entrepreneurs will compete at Babcock Ranch to see whose tech startup idea merits investment to get their product to the market.
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    MoAloo Ventures CEO Priya Ahluwalia was invited to judge the 2023 Edison Awards

    Honored to be invited to Judge the 2023 Edison Awards. It was an incredible experience to see so many amazing innovative products, ideas, and developments selected for 2023 nominations.

    Read more below about the Edison Awards.

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    Shandoka officially patented in the US.

    Shandoka adapter is officially patented in the US and is in the process of getting a patent worldwide.
    Shandoka adapters make it safe to retrofit a gas-powered motorcycle into an easy-to-maintain, environmentally-friendly electric motorcycle.

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    Calling all entrepreneurs to apply for TechXpedition 2023

    The start-up challenge culminates with five-minute presentations to the judges, who will award $10,000 worth of investments in the pre-seed round to help launch the winning idea into a successful business.
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    MoAloo Ventures CEO Priya Ahluwalia introduced the concept of the TechXpedition to the business group, BIZ@Babcock Ranch

    Do you have a great idea for a service app or tech product, but don’t know where to start to create it, refine it, find investors and market it? If so, you are the perfect candidate for Babcock Ranch’s first tech startup weekend.

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    Taking a chance on Babcock Ranch

    Venture capitalist Priya Ahluwalia could live anywhere in the world, but she and her husband Mohit Pohani, a senior manager at Deloitte Global, chose to move to Babcock Ranch six months ago. In their early 30s, these young professionals are part of an exciting demographic bringing innovation, business acumen and a friendly, can-do attitude to the area.

  • Who are we?

    Meet our Founder and CEO

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    Entrepreneur | Business Coach | Rotarian |

    Adjunct Professor for Entrepreneurship, Chinese, and Hindi


    Priya Ahluwalia: An Entrepreneur, Educator, and Champion of Change

    Priya Ahluwalia's name rings as a symbol of innovation, empowerment, and transformation. Her 14-year entrepreneurial journey intertwines various facets of her life and career, painting an inspiring picture of commitment to startups, education, community, and humanitarian causes.

    Entrepreneurial Spirit: Priya's leadership in MoAloo Ventures showcases her as an emblem of innovation and creativity. Her investment in over five startups in areas like food tech, ed-tech, electric motorcycles, and drone technology is a testament to her skill in nurturing potential ideas into successful businesses. More than just growing MoAloo Ventures, she's fostered the dreams of many young entrepreneurs.

    A Teacher at Heart: Since 2009, Priya's devotion to education, especially in Chinese and Hindi, has defined part of her identity. Her fusion of business insights with linguistic mastery helps students gain language skills and an enriched global perspective. Priya's teaching is far-reaching; she also focuses on entrepreneurship education for children between 8 and 18, offering a platform for their creativity and business concepts.

    Community Leader: Priya's relocation to Babcock Ranch in June 2021 marked her swift immersion into the community. Her joy in teaching entrepreneurship translated into real-world opportunities for young innovators. Her business and lifestyle coach role further showcases her ability to tailor strategies to individual needs, aiding in personal transformations.

    Rotary Journey: Joining Rotary in May 2022, Priya opened a new chapter in her life. Through Rotary, she found a way to extend her skills and passions into a wider humanitarian scope. Her unwavering dedication resonates with her values, making her a robust advocate for positive change and aligning perfectly with her multifaceted pursuits.

    A Multifaceted Visionary: Priya Ahluwalia's life is a testimony to what can be achieved when entrepreneurship, education, and empathy converge. Her venture capital firm, teaching endeavors, community involvement, and Rotary journey reflect a harmonious blend of business acumen, educational insight, and a compassionate approach to life. Her narrative echoes across various domains, portraying a life devoted to innovation, education, and a compassionate understanding of the human condition.

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